Wednesday, August 31, 2005

one more thing...

i posted late last night about an old hymn by george matheson. i have gone back this morning and added a couple of things, so be sure and go and read back through it if you happened to have read it last night.

also, i wanted to leave this link, which has more information about this hymn. it isnt long at all, but very interesting.
once you go to the link, there is a demo of the song if you look to the right and click " demo Mp3" under "downloads". it is only the first verse or so, but will give you the idea. the music is not the original, but the words are the same.

click here for that page.

if you enjoyed this hymn, the folks at indelible grace have 3 c.d.'s of old hymns put to new-er (read: acoustic music- not cheesey praise and worship) music. they are all incredible and i highly recommend every single one of them. the three albums are:
1) indelible grace
2) pilgrim days
3) for all the saints

click here for more info on indelible grace c.d.'s

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