Saturday, March 31, 2007

when heroes point you to christ

i began my short biographical series a few weeks ago with the words
"these men have been some of the most influential men i have never met."

john piper (who i wrote about here and here in the series) was at southern seminary this week.
(photos by timmy brister and andrew lindsey)


as one person described it, "a gospel bomb detonates at southern seminary"

he goes on to write:

Last week I mentioned reading George Whitefield’s
biography. I mentioned how, just before he died,
people were begging him to preach the gospel.
However, I failed to mention that this was not a
rare occurrence in Whitefield’s life. Often the people
who heard him preach begged for more. Begged.
And, when I think about that, my thought is usually,
“Did this really happen? Did people actually beg to hear
him preach again? It seems a bit far-fetched and fanatical.”
And as I sat today under the preaching of John Piper in
chapel, I thought to myself, “It’s not so far-fetched…not
so fanatical.” I knew that if he would have rattled on for
hours I would have sat there and soaked it all up

i couldn't agree more.

but it wasn't more "piper" i (or, im sure the author of the above) wanted, it was more of the glory of christ that he showed from scripture.

i greatly encourage you to listen to thursday's message here (tuesday's is available as well)
after the message on thursday, i sat in a state of wonder, awe, and humility at the glory and goodness of god.

because i sat for awhile, i was the last person to leave, so i was able to chat with dr. piper for a brief minute or two. i found him to be incredibly and authentically humble, warm, and inviting.

and shorter than i had thought.

in my own life, i am often wary of "man" worship, thinking more of the man than his message and the god who he represents.

however, it was refreshing to find that after i heard piper preach, that though i was blown away by his passion, his presentation, and his command with the scriptures, i walked away with a greater love for god and the wonder of the gospel.

on thursady i met john piper, but more importantly i grew closer to the one true god.


Christi Cavness said...

It brings me so much joy to know when you have such experiences! I am so glad you got to meet Dr. Piper and I thank god for how He is shaping you through His word and through men like Piper. I am equally thankful that God has chosen me to join you on this journey! I love you.

Brandon said...

Amen, brother. You are absolutely correct. The glory of Christ is what makes us want to hear more preaching.

Sorry if I did not make that clear enough on the "gospel bomb" post. I appreciated your thoughtfulness in this post.