Saturday, August 25, 2007

dead dogs and dead babies...

justin taylor makes a very brief yet stunning post over at his blog (which i read every day)

read it here

the nfl suspends indefinitely, michael vick for participating in the deaths of dogs.

yet the nfl team, jacksonville jaguars just donated $30,000 to planned parenthood, which supports and encourages aborting human babies.

america is a very confused and sad nation.

our willingness to overlook such glaring inconsistencies is worse..


Worship Leader Ron said...

Rush Limbaugh made this connection on the first day that the Michael Vick story broke. He played clips of the outrage that the news channel's 'man on the street' interviews recieved. He contrasted that with the millions of lives that have been taken which does not illicit any where near the response that dog fighting does. (and this was before the details about how he killed the dogs were released). It says something about us as a society for sure.

a wandering heart said...

Very, very sad.