Monday, September 17, 2007

a new feature

i am often asked about book recommendations for certain topics, so i have added a feature to this blog that will allow anyone to search my own personal library by topic, or you can click on "my library" and see the whole thing.

this feature is on the right side bar about halfway down, under the "links" bar.

if you are curious as to what i have that speaks about theology, then click "theology" and it will take you to an online catalog of the theology books in my library. same with any other topic or category.

just know 2 things:

1.) because i own a book does not necessarily mean that i agree with everyything or even anything in that book or by that author. it is often helpful to read different and/or opposing views. so do not freak out when you see i own a mormon bible or "blue like jazz"

2.) after years of learning the hard way, no... you may not borrow any books from me. but i am sure your local library or bookstore would love to see you! (i can recommend some good websites with good books and great prices.)

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