Sunday, December 09, 2007

milestones and talking with god..

this is the 150th post on "the lowercase" and as of last week, this site has received of 10,000 visits in the last 18 months. thanks to all who visit and participate. i know keeping this blog has helped me in thinking through issues and writing discipline, and i hope it has been beneficial to you as well.

as the new year wraps down, i thought i would share a challenge i saw over on said at southern, a website corralling many blogs of southern seminary students (like myself) and faculty.

tony kummer shares an opportunity to start a new years resolution early and complete it by february!

if you are like me, each year you may have good intentions of reading the bible all the way through, or at least reading it more. by mid february i am usually so far behind trying to keep up seems futile. well tony has provided a plan that if you can spare a little over an hr. a day (cumulative) we can read the entire bible by jan. 31st if we start on dec. 10th!

here is his plan...

I took the page numbers from my ESV
Reference Bible and the time required from
my Max McLean ESV audio Bible.
You can modify these numbers for your favorite
Bible translation.

Start Now ( dec. 10) and Read It All by January

...start on December 10th for a total of 53 days.
* Read 21 minutes or 5 ½ pages of NT per day
* Read 54 ½ minutes or 18 ½ pages of OT per day

So, by spending only 1 hour and 16 minutes per day,
24 pages, you can read through the entire ESV Bible
between now and February. Just over 1 hour a day!

you may think, " i don't have an hour a day!!!" well.. maybe you do.
think of your whole day.
  • what else do you do while you eat your meals that you cant put off for 53 days?
  • what if you get to work 15 minutes early to read for 15 minutes, spend the first or last 15 minutes of your lunch break reading, and watch one less program on television?
  • carry a bible to read while waiting in line christmas shopping, grocery shopping, etc.

i'm sure if we think about it, we can find 60 minutes throughout the day to spend time in god's word.. to hear him speak to us.
i'm going to give it a try. maybe ill get it done by jan. 31st, maybe not, but it is worth it to me to try. if you want to join me, leave me a comment (no need to sign up for anything) and let me know, and we can pray for and encourage one another.


Mike Gross said...


Count me in. When do you plan on starting? I thought about trying it when I first read the plan but quickly dismissed it. However, I think it will be possible having others for encouragement and accountability. I have my reading glasses ready!


stephen lee cavness said...

i started yesterday (monday the 10th) so far so good...


ScriptureZealot said...

I read through the Bible once in chronological order (of events) in six weeks and would highly recommend reading it in a short amount of time like you're doing. You get such a good overview and for at least a few weeks afterwards there seems to be good memory retention of nearly everything.

Coming to Luke after reading the OT was like reaching a mountain peak and seeing an incredible view. I would suggest going right from the OT to Luke.

Congrats on getting mentioned on the ESV blog.

Mike Gross said...

I guess I have some catching up to do so I better get started.

Just fyi, I have an unmarked ESV paperback that has 895 pages. At the rate given in Tony's plan (24 pgs per day) I can get through it in about 38 days.

I could stretch it to 40 days and call it the Rick Warren reading plan :-)


Anonymous said...

I'll bet we could find an hour a day by cutting out blog reading!

stephen lee cavness said...

"... by cutting out blog reading"

says the one reading this blog!