Monday, March 10, 2008

no throne at 1600 pennsylvania ave.

in the past few weeks the headlines have been full of shocking uncertainties. random acts of violence in shopping malls and schools, murders, rapes, and natural disasters. today it even came out that our drinking water is doing its best "walgreens" impression.

add to this the on going war, the daily murdering of babies in the womb, the uncertain economy, and the fact that a gallon of gas costs more than an entire meal from mcdonalds (which of course, will kill you if eaten more than twice a week).

in the midst of this chaos and uncertainty, we find ourselves in the midst of a presidential race. the recurring themes from more than one camp are "change" and "hope" and "progress". no matter what one's political ideologies are, the tendency during a campaign is to present a candidate as the one who will usher in the age of "better".

and maybe things will get better. maybe for awhile. but the trajectory of our culture shows no signs of a moral, ethical, or spiritual upswing.

it is not wrong for us to want to exercise our right to vote and participate in the process of government to better our country. but we must remember that until the lord comes, there is no perfect candidate. there will never be a ballot with one who can solve all of our problems, make all things right, and make us all safe with no uncertainties.

at the end of the day, america is just another in a long list of countries that may prosper for a season, but is eternally short of the glory of heaven. whoever wins the next election, what laws are passed or vetoed- one day it will simply be "history".

but our standing with god, our relationship with christ, those we chose to witness to or chose not to share christ with, the family members we felt too awkward to confront about their laziness in the faith, the friends we compromised with so they wouldn't think less of us...
those things will remain.

the president of the united states will not... cannot "fix" america. nor will any congressman, governor, mayor, sheriff, or school superintendent.

our hope for "the good life" must come from outside of any human institution or illusion of security. we can be good citizens, but we must never behave as if we have no hope if things do not happen the way we wish.

christ is not moving into the mansion at 1600 pennsylvania ave. - but he is waiting to take up residence in every inch of real estate of our lives. and therein lies our only hope.

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Worship Leader Ron said...

No savior on capital hill? Someone should write a song about that.

This is an good word and it is so important for christians to remember this, especially in an election year. I was so thankful that GW was elected because I thought the otherguy(s) were worse. But how many thought that all we needed was to end the Clinton era and that a republican would bring a new reformation? I hear conservative christians talk like that more than I'd like. While one leader or another may be better, our only hope is Christ. You're spot on.

Question: Does my Brita Filter get the prozac out of my tap water?