Wednesday, May 07, 2008

fred phelps, hating homosexuals, and sbc resolutions

this week i will be submitting a resolution to be considered for vote at this years annual meeting of the southern baptist convention. i have posted before about the disgraceful westboro baptist church and their "leader" fred phelps here. as they continue to pop up in the news, i couldn't help but wonder about the potential thousands (millions) who see the name "westboro road baptist church" and assume that they belong and are an accurate representation of every other baptist church they know of. so, i drew up this proposal:


WHEREAS, Fred Phelps and members of the Westboro Baptist
Church frequently picket funerals with hate filled language and signage; and

WHEREAS, The highly publicized website for this Baptist church
is ; and

WHEREAS, The attitude, approach, language, and behavior displayed
publicly and in the media by Mr. Phelps and members of his congregation
are frequently in violation of explicit commands of Scripture of holy and
righteous living above reproach, even when confronting sin; and

WHEREAS, The designation of “Baptist” in the name of such an
organization and its claim to be “..the mouth of God”
[i] can bring
shame and reproach on the Gospel, as well as other entities with
the name Baptist; and

WHEREAS, The national media fails to distinguish between churches
belonging to the Southern Baptist Convention and Westboro Baptist
Church; now, therefore be it

RESOLVED, That the messengers to the Southern Baptist Convention
meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana, June 10-11, 2008, firmly and publicly
clarify that neither Fred Phelps nor Westboro Baptist Church are
members of or representatives of the Southern Baptist Convention, nor
do we recognize their methods of protest or as appropriate or biblical.

[i] - front page under “Welcome, Depraved Sons and Daughters of Adam”

i don't know if the committee will pass this through or not, but we'll see.
we can be against sin without speaking against it sinfully. i would hate
for someone to dismiss me (or worse, the gospel!) because some
other "baptist" or "church" (both terms used very loosely) is acting

from my earlier post on this topic :

the web address to the westboro baptist church is
yes... that's what it says. it is a site full of the most disgusting
perversions of the truth i have ever read and it makes me furious,
and it makes me want to weep. they dishonor the name of christ
with what they say and teach. it breaks my heart to think of how
many people will refuse to listen to the gospel because of what these
"christians" and "baptists" have said, which is neither baptist nor christian.

yes homosexuality is a sin, but so is the hate and vitriol that
they have made the cornerstone of their ministry. the death
of homosexuals need not be picketed and jeered with such
repulsive signs and slogans. rather we should reach out with
compassion and extend the offer of grace even
as we demonstrate the grace shown to us.

this is one example of why we must be clear about what we
believe. this is why we must define our terms. this is why
we must know doctrine and theology. if we dont, then what
do we say to someone who's only encounter with christianity
is with these hatemongers who spew false teachings and
venom through their website, picket signs, and their church?
what do we say when they ask what is different from us and
these other christians (and baptists)?

this church disgusts me and it saddens me. i pray that the lord would
grant for them repentance and for me a heart that wants to pray for
grace rather than judgment on them. praise god that he is in control and
no one, no matter how outrageous and contrived can thwart his will.

if there are any homosexuals who read this blog, please hear me.
this church and their teachings are *NOT* an accurate representation
of christianity or more specifically, of baptists. the bible does teach that
homosexuality is a sin. but all men are sinners in need of the grace of god.

true christianity will never insult you, or ridicule you, or rejoice in
your death. jesus taught love and compassion as well as repentance.
as a christian and baptist pastor i would say to you as a homosexual,
that i am in as much need for grace as you are. i am no better than
you. we are all in need of the grace of god that is available only through
faith in jesus christ.

i do not hate you. i want to share with you how to experience the
greatest love imaginable, not so that you would be like me, but so
that you can know god. please contact me at anytime and i would
love to share with you how. please do not reject christ because of
those who wrongfully go by his name.


Mike Gross said...

I'll gladly support your resolution on Fred Phelps and Westboro Baptist Church.

It makes me equally sad and upset whenever I see anything about them and their VERY unchristlike behavior and hate-filled words. I don't want anyone to look and them and think they represent the Christianity I know.

They picket the funerals of our military members who have given the ultimate sacrifice. Their reason for doing it is because they supposedly represent a country that supports and/or tolerates homosexuality.

However, the very freedom Westboro relies on to picket these funerals is provided to the by the laws of the SAME country... seems to be a serious lack of consistency.

I guess our country is okay only when it fits their needs.

RonK said...

Maybe you can get Rick Warren to endorse this :-)

I agree and am glad you're sending this one in. Hopefully it will make it to the floor. Will you be there to read it yourself if it's not brought from comittee? Just wondering.

xtraeye said...

I only found this blog by google searching "I am no better than any homosexual." Because ironically Fred Phelps actually said this in the FAQ section of his website. I obviously think he's insane, but I have particular feelings for this group because I am a homosexual. However, even though I don't believe in a god, I respect all those who do. But I think any insinuation by any believer that I cannot know a god or know love of one if he does/did exist simply because I innately (meaning not by choice--who would choose to be discriminate against?) love differently than you do, is bigotry on its own, when I have not hurt anyone or committed any crime by living as I am. I think Jesus was a great man from what I've heard. He would love me. He would love EVERYONE. Any insinuation that he or any god (if he existed) wouldn't do so for no other reason than a trait that exists from birth is its own form of hatred, in my opinion.