Thursday, December 08, 2005

post script...

literally minutes after posting my last entry, i came across this...

we *must* take a stand for the dignity of scripture. if christians don't, no one else is going to.

i have also gone back and re-worded and clarified, as well as expounded on a few things from the initial "porn for bibles" post. so if you have a spare moment, you can re-read it. hopefully, it is closer to what i was trying to say. if nothing else, the spelling is better.


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katherine said...

i read the article that your previous post was based on, actually, before i saw the post. a friend of mine from school who is an atheist called my attention to it.

in all this confusion, chaos - even among self-proclaimed christians - there is so much division between us all. i can't wait until there are no more fingers to be pointed and we all understand. that's the only hope i have.