Saturday, January 07, 2006

sorry for the downtime...

christi and i have recently moved and have been without internet for awhile. hopefully we will be back "online" ( i hate that i had to type that) in the next week or so. im looking forward to finally writing on some of the topics i have been putting off.
i have been meaning to give my email address. some people have emailed questions about certain things that have prompted a post about certain topics. my email address is

do not send me forwards. do not send me spam. i will forward them back to you with a program that will fill your inbox to its capacity. and i will do it for approximately 3 days for every 1 time i have to delete a forward or spam from you.

speaking of cheerulness and joy, i hope every one had a wonderful christmas.

be back soon,

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John said...

Fill my inbox to its capacity, eh? Reminds me of a recent conversation we had. I still get that sick feeling in my stomach thinking about my unguarded comments on such matters.