Wednesday, January 10, 2007

laugh?? cry?? bang head??

the church report on line has posted its annual "50 most influential christians".

some names are encouraging, a lot aren't.
among those named as people who influence our nation under the label "christian" are:
  • joel olsteen (doesn't preach about or use the word "sin")
  • t.d. jakes (denies the trinity)
  • paul crouch (founder of tbn)
  • creflo dollar ("We believe that God wants us to have a full life, free from poverty, sickness and disease" - from his website)

thankfully, there are people like john piper, chuck coloson, joni erikson tada, al mohler and others who give a reprieve from so much of the "god= health wealth and prosperity" proponents on the list.

thankfully, our hope is christ, not lists or men.

you can read the list here

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